The Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet….Is Your Girlfriend?!

Soooooo Cindy Margolis is now divorced and lonely.  According to her, she is having a tough time finding a nice fella and isn’t shy in front of the camera.  Well let’s throw this problem and this situation into a bag, shake it and see what comes out.


T’da!  The Cindy Margolis Dating Project on Fox Reality Channel (which as far as I can tell, the hierarchy of Fox is:  Fox, FX, Fox News, Fox Sports Net, Fox Movie Channel, Samantha Fox, Rick Fox, Redd Foxx, then Fox Reality Channel).

According to the press release :  “Over the course of eight, one-hour episodes, the newly-single Margolis will put her heart on the line, with a variety of potential partners, to find her ultimate soul mate.”

That’s where you come in.  Send the following information to




Two clear pictures:

Reason why you want to date Cindy:

Need more inspiration, here is our interview with her…..and a picture.


  1. she s awesome!

  2. lover 4 marrage

    • Paul
    • November 6th, 2009

    Nope, Danni Ashe beat Cindy out. Danni Ashe is the most downloaded woman on the internet.

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