For your viewing pleasure:

Sometimes Jacent and Kallao bring me prizes. Which I think is code for “Hey Amanda. We can’t offer much aside from our love, affection, and Starbucks treats, but can you write some things for the new blog?”  It doesn’t take much to keep me happy.  Yes, friends, I can do just that.

And now, I’d like to bring your attention to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs video for Zero.  Just because Karen O kicks some major ass.  And I may or may not want desperately to be her when I grow up.

They’ll be at El Rave-o  on the 31st of May.  Come hang out.  We also had the pleasure of catching some of the Franz Ferdinand soundcheck with some of our FM102/1 Club winners.  Check that vid shiz out on our Pics & Vids page, yo.  It’s pretty B-A.  Videos from our Shiny Toy Guns Club Session will be up soon.  In the meantime, I strongly recommend downloading their cover of Major Tom from iTunes.  Legit.

All for the price of an iced non-fat chai latte.

You’re welcome.

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