Blink 182 Announce Tour Dates

Blink-182 have announced the entire itinerary for their upcoming reunion tour.  You may want to put the date “August 4th” on your calendar.  More info soon.


Blink-182 tour dates, according to Billboard:

July 24: Las Vegas
July 28: Vancouver
July 30: Calgary, AB
July 31: Edmonton, AB
Aug. 1: Saskatoon, SK
Aug. 2: Winnipeg, MB
Aug. 4: Milwaukee
Aug. 6: Boston
Aug. 7 Quebec City, QC
Aug. 8: Montreal
Aug. 9: Wantagh, NY
Aug. 12: Hershey, PA
Aug. 13: Cincinnati
Aug. 14: Pittsburgh
Aug. 15: Chicago
Aug. 16: Omaha
Aug. 18: Minneapolis
Aug. 20: Indianapolis
Aug. 21: Buffalo, NY
Aug. 22: Detroit
Aug. 23: Toronto
Aug. 25: Holmdel, NJ
Aug. 27: Saratoga, NY
Aug. 28: Camden, NJ
Aug. 29: Hartford, CT
Aug. 30: Washington, D.C.
Aug. 31: Wantagh, NY
Sept. 2: Cleveland
Sept. 3: St. Louis
Sept. 4: Kansas City
Sept. 6: Denver
Sept. 7: Salt Lake City
Sept. 10: Seattle
Sept. 12: Sacramento
Sept. 13: Mountain View, CA
Sept. 14: Santa Barbara, CA
Sept. 16: San Diego
Sept. 17: Irvine, CA
Sept. 19: Phoenix
Sept. 21: Albuquerque, NM
Sept. 23: Dallas
Sept. 24: Houston
Sept. 26: West Palm Beach, FL
Sept. 27: Tampa, FL
Sept. 29: Atlanta
Oct. 1: Charlotte, NC
Oct. 2: Virginia Beach, VA
Oct. 3: Atlantic City, NJ

    • josh
    • June 2nd, 2009

    …hell yes…now I just wish I could win these tix

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