Swing Life Away…

nofunIn the time-honored tradition of high school senior pranks, a couple of Brookfield East students decided to build a swing set on the roof of their soon-to-be alma mater.  A parting gift, if you will.  What do they get for their efforts? A big fat 3-day suspension, community service, and the opportunity to give their Valedictorian and Salutatorian speeches at their graduation ceremony revoked.  Considering the fact that no swing sets OR students were harmed in this prank,  we think it’s actually kinda funny.  In fact, call us next summer when you need an internship, guys. 

<<—Criminal swing set placement re-enactment. 


Share your dumbass HS pranks in the comments section!

    • the honor grad speaker
    • June 10th, 2009

    I went to a small farming community high school and acquired a few chickens and roosters for our prank. They missed their morning feeding, as they were placed in boxes, which didn’t make them too happy. Right before 1st hour classes was over, 5 of us managed to escape class and staged different areas of the school. We shook up the boxes and let the fury begin right as the bell rang and classes were let out. I recall a foreign exchange teacher being attacked! One of the roosters was never found.

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