Play Kramp And Adler Summerfest Bingo…get VIP access, meet cool bands.

It’s the excellent new game to play at Summerfest. It’s Kramp and Adler’s Mobile Phone Summerfest Bingo. Play your way into meeting Summerfest artists or getting VIP seating as the U.S. Celluar Connection Stage with Leinenkugel’s and FM 102/1.

The concept is simple: Take pictures of yourself with other fun folks on the Summerfest grounds. For example: YOU with a shirtless dude. YOU checking out some muffin tops. YOU with Bernie Brewer. YOU with that one guy who has the barbed wire arm tattoo. YOU with some dude who looks kind of like Tom Hanks. YOU with TV’s John Milan. You get the idea.

Collect the photos. Match the corners OR a row on the Kramp And Adler Summerfest Bingo Card. Then bring it to the FM 102/1 Big Ass Boombox for verification. You will get to go backstage to meet that day’s featured band. Or you may get VIP deck access for our stage. First come, first serve. Either way, it will be fun.

You can print your Kramp and Adler Summerfest Bingo Sheet here. We’ll also have some at the the FM 102/1 Big Ass Boombox if you forget.

Let’s have some fun at Summerfest this year, shall we?milw celeb bingo card copy

  1. Is the one on the middle left a pair of shorts… or an ass? Or just a pocket? Do I need to get my picture taken with a pocket?

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