Life After Lollapalooza: My trip to Lollapaloza with Kramp and Adler by Anonymous

[editor’s note: this was obviously written on a cell phone]
Day 1

7am. Left to go to Chicago, but forgot something? Turned around. Back

enroute. Made excellent time. BK is also an excellent driver. Adler is

not a backseat driver even though he looks like one. Conversation

was musically based obviously, all were in good spirts.

Arrived in Chicago and round the corner from hotel saw a sight that

was sad but very funny at the same time.

A bum was shadowboxing a plastic bag that was is a tree. Dunno if he

was a professional boxer but I wouldn’t mess with him. You can check

out the shadow boxing bum on YouTube now.

Checked into the Hard Rock hotel. Room 809. One bed, 3 guys. Never a

good thing. Set up shop. Didn’t really eat all day.

Went to Lolla. Checked out Bon Iver, Perry’s dance stage. Raining …yuck.

Back at hotel found out that Adler can polish off a bottle of red in

record time. Found out that BK can pound 4 vodka drinks in 4 mins and

can really have a sandy vjj sometimes. BK went to bed early and Adler

left me at some bar and went back to sleep.

I came back to the hotel after the bars to hear a sound coming from

room 809. it sounded like a jet plane was landing in the room. It

was a naked Adler laying on his back passed out on the cot. BK was in

the bathroom in the fetal position with all of the pillows over his

head trying to muffle the sound. BK was awake and contemplating

smothering Adler with a pillow. After advsing BK that Illinois had the death

penalty (they don’t) he changed his mind and compromisied by pushing

Adler over onto his side and duct taping him in that position.ka adler duct taped Also

found out that Adler has a tramp stamp. Didn’t see that coming.

4am: tried to drown out Adler by playing wave sounds from iPhone. Did

not work!

5am: BK couldn’t take it and tried to contact radio Kristin to see

how she deals with his snoring, because: “this is fucking

ridiculous, no one should snore this loud!”

6am: BK wants some fucking French toast.


breakfast buffet. Pretty good. But of course expensive. Lolla was fun,

highlights were Ben Harper and Gomez.

During Ben Harper a chick in her early 20’s came up to me and said:

“My friend thinks you are really hot.  How old are you?” she asks. I say 32

thinking 3 years younger than my actual age would sound better. She

winces and says. “How about you just pretend you are 26?”  When did I get old

all of a sudden?

Back at the hotel we got ready and grabbed some apps on the patio

outside. Went to the bathroom and bumped into Brian Aubert, the lead singer

for Silversun Pickups. Hung out with him for a bit, he said he likes

Milwaukee especially in the summer. Me too! Cool cat.

Much much later that night (3am ) came back to the hotel and bumped

into a girl named Emily who I bummed a p-funk from right outside the

hotel. She proceeded to tell me she was in fear for her life and she

thought RZA was after her. RZA the rapper was after her?

Apparently RZA was performing an after set at the Hard Rock I think

she might have been a victim of human trafficing, or she was prolly

just tripping on acid. Don’t know which, hopefully the latter.

Home now and need rest after having 72 hours of fun, music, memories

with Kramp and Adler.

ka leaving lolla

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