Things heard (and overheard) at Lollapalooza ’09 …

Due to the consumption of trace amounts of alcohol, as well as the brain-melting effects of the blistering hot sun and/or torrential rains, some quotes may be paraphrased from my hazy memory.  Sorry ’bout that.   My pockets just weren’t big enough to carry around one of those big yellow legal pad thingys…

“I don’t like mayonnaise, but I like Depeche Mode.”

— Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem on playing the same stage as Depeche Mode

“Why are we standing in this line? We could be drinking $2 beers at the VFW.”

Some girls waiting to get into the fancy Hard Rock Hotel afterparty

“It’s HOT! Take off your shirts! … But, more on that later.”

—Ida Maria, referring to her song,  “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked,” which she played about 30 minutes later

“It’s great to be here on this stage,  in this city, in this park , with so much history.  [The same place as] The 1968 Democratic National Convention where the Chicago Police just beat the F*@%!  out of hippies all day long…

Tim McIlrath of Rise Against  on performing at historic Grant Park (not coincidentally,  I’m sure, in the presence of many on-duty Chicago Police officers)

And finally, an awkward conversation at the media area Port-O-Potties..

Random, possibly drunk chick: “Hey, are you guys the Arctic Monkeys?”

Los Campesinos! : “No, err, uh, we’re British though … We play in a band called Los Campesinos!”

Random, possibly drunk chick : Whooo?

Los Campesinos! : Uhhh…Los Campesinos! ?

Random, possibly drunk chick: Well, you look like the Arctic Monkeys.

*ed. note: no, they really don’t

At this point, both members of Los Campesinos! hurry into the same Port-O-Potty to avoid further awkwardness with said random, possibly drunk girl, which is ok because these were the fancy Port-O-Potties with both a urinal and a toilet.    From  the Port-O-Potty next door, I hear mutterings and rumblings about whether or not they should have just said “Yes. We are.”  Then, their Port-O-Potty door opens, to a  line of curious on-lookers wondering why two dudes are exiting a Port-O-Potty at the same time…

Los Campesinos! : We’re just really good friends.

Thanks Lollapalooza 2009! Next year I promise to wear better shoes. And drink more water. And all those things I said I’d do better last year, too.

Throw your own fave Lolla quotes in the comments section … even if they’re your own!

cheers. michelle.

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