Life after Lollapalooza – Photo Randomness Day 1

This year, I didn’t get an all-access photo pass. So,  let’s consider the photo documentation to be a behind the scenes look at Lolla 2009.

I have to say this. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a job!

After the jump, a handful of photos.


This is the Western Station on the Ravenswood line of the L. I refuse to call it the brown line. It’s the Ravenswood line. The CTA “Now in Color.” I took this train nearly every day for a period of nine years.  Everyone takes the train to Lollapalooza. No one drives. Everyone takes public transportation. It’s neat and it rarely operates properly. It’s also broke!  But it was a nice way to get down to Grant Park. Actually, come to think of it, we were delayed for about 20 minutes on sunday. I was in the first car and the operator had to jump down onto the tracks to fix something.  He was a macho dude with a lipstick mark tattoo on his neck. Hair gel. He certainly wasn’t happy about  this part of the job. Kept thinking, this guy is probably twittering. Kidding,  but only sort of.


Perry was back in the media area for a solid 30 doing some press. He’s one of those guys I’d love to hate, but damn him if he isn’t so easy going and fun to get along with. Once I was drunk at SXSW and as I crossed a busy street I caught a view of pants constructed out of mirrorball material. “That’s fucking amazing! I love those pants.” My friend said “that’s edgy.” “Yeah, well that’s the most perfect pants moment. nothing could ruin it, except for it being perry.”

“It is Perry.”

“No way in hell”

“No, seriously…turn around”

“Well that ruined it.”

I felt this way in the way you get dissapointed when you figure out 2 minutes into Law and Order who the bad guy is. Perry Ferrell are those pants. He was born to wear them, and in that way, it was just as common as seeing another guy in a pair of blue jeans and an ironic t-shirt. Moment-ruiner.

Beyond this animosity, he’s a nice chap in public and in interviews at the station. Also looked to be in pretty good shape. Much better suited haircut for his head. I am becoming quite the fashion columnist, aren’t I?

But here’s the creepy one because I loved it.


He’s being taken. BTW, check out this ridiculous story about photo waiver signing, principly involving JA. I’ve seen contracts like that one before, and my favoite phrase “in perputity throughout the universe.” Check it holmes, that’s encompassing as shit. Interestingly enough, because this was not a performance, I wasn’t asked to sign anything. So thanks, Perry.


Booze, mixer, cell phone. Thanks.


This is about as close as I got. I lied about being on the list. I lied saying that my credentials were indeed correct, there was something wrong with them. I lied to the woman who was putting people on the side of the stage (the ‘guests’) and that didn’t work.

What’s the moral? I’m a compulsive liar. I’m also not very effective at it. So there’s that.


Blossom, or her hat, was in attendance.


Oh, pixelation.


Where a city dweller and a hipster can find common ground. She was yelling something about smoking. Our bearded friend relented his cig because he knows Sox fans will attack you when you’re not looking if you don’t.

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