Life After Lollapalooza: Photo Randomness Day 2

This year, I didn’t get an all-access photo pass. So,  let’s consider the photo documentation to be a behind the scenes look at Lolla 2009.

I have to say this. It helps me look credible.


Thank you American Telephone & Telegraph for charging the Media Tent for internet access. We all used our Iphones. I will not let them double dip.

Whole world needs some cash, don’t it?

Ida Maria, CTE and ice cream after the jump.


This is the Ice Cream Man. The Ice Cream Man does what one would expect. You’d normally get freaked out about a guy trying to give away free desert goodness, but this is his deal. He goes to festivals and hands out Ben and Jerry’s and popsicles and people react the way you’d expect them too: with absolute delight and glee. It was hotter than the devil’s anvil and that made seeing this guy even more joyful.


Somebody went to the Playboy party and danced in a circle with a bunch of playmates. Could you send us the video please?


Michelle and Ida Maria. Ida’s led a very rural existence has led her to miss out on something important.


See, while Michelle was away from the table, I took her notepad with questions and added one of my own. “Do you like cantalope?” And to think I could have gone to college for a journalism degree. I could have tried to get one of the seven remaining journalism jobs in the country (as opposed to one of the 11 radio jobs).

Michelle of course humors me (which she does a lot, and that’s probably gotten her into more trouble than she’d want) and asks Ida that question. Blank stare. You might have well asked her how to perform an open heart surgery, or worse yet, a calculus question. She’s not quite sure. Apologetic, confused as to why she’d be asked that. Michelle is now confused as to why she asked that and I feel bad. Only for a minute. But a minute nonetheless. Then I laughed. A lot.


Ida’s set was well received. Did a cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Re-recorded “Oh My God” with Iggy.  Neat.



Went out to Schubas afterward to see Cage the Elephant.


I really like this band. Really enjoy seeing them live.

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