Earthquake Relief

Hey, it’s Michelle.  I know times are tight, and it’s hard to part with the little beer money you DO have.  But right now, there are many people in Haiti who could use your help, and even 5 bucks can go a long way.  The recent earthquake has had an incredibly devastating impact on homes,  businesses and most tragically, lives.  Haiti is an already impoverished country that just keeps getting kicked in the teeth.  If you have teeth, you know how bad that would hurt, and therefore you should donate. If you don’t have teeth, you understand how it feels to not have teeth, so you should also donate.  If you’re a baby and have not yet gotten teeth, one day you will have teeth that might possibly get kicked, and therefore you should also donate.  There are many different organizations working to provide relief and support, so if you can when you donate,  here are some we think you should consider:

Hands Helping Haiti

An organization  made up of a very dedicated group of individuals who seek to better the lives of Haitians through education, proper medical care, and clean water.  I have worked very closely with this group for the past 5 years and can personally testify to all the amazing things they have done for the Haitian people. Donations will be used for relief and rebuilding.

Here are a few other reputable, very effective organizations who could use some help:


American Red Cross

Go to, hit donate now button at top and then International Response Fund. You also can text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the International Response Fund. The money will go directly to relief efforts in Haiti. Or call 1-800-Red-Cross.    Source:

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

UNICEF uses the money for health care, clean water, nutrition, education and emergency relief. To donate, go to or 1-800-4-UNICEF. Source:

Yele Haiti

This organization, founded by Wyclef Jean, creates projects to improve the quality of education, health, environment and community development in Haiti. To donate to to its Haiti relief efforts, go to or text YELE to 501501 to donate $5. Source:

From Pearl

Doctors Without Borders


Partners in Health

Thanks in advance for being awesome.


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