Taking something you don’t care about and making it FUN!

Taking something you probably don’t care about and making it fun:
The Item: The 2010 Miss America Pageant on TLC Sat. night (1/30/10) 7-9pm
The Goal: Turning it into a party and possibly a profit (note: FM 102/1 does not encourage, endorse nor even know how to gamble illegally)!?

The Steps: #1 Get 10 people, or anything divisible by 50, I will be using 10 as an example. 

#2 Write down all 50 states on separate slips of paper and put in envelope or hat (a derby or top hat works best)

#3 Each person puts in $5 each and picks 5 states at random from envelope, those are your girls!

#4 Winner takes all $50 

#4a Add on the drinking game aspect and drink each time host Mario Lopez winks, touches one of the contestents, calls them “Mama” or makes any reference to Saved By The Bell.Your Host

Enjoy and good luck to all!

  1. So, guess we’re dvr’ing the pro-bowl?

  2. I totally agree.

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