Wednesday Man vs. Food Tailgating Recipe Winner

Everyday this week (it being Super Bowl week) we are giving away a $100 check card for your best tailgaiting recipe, compliments of Man v. Food on Travel Channel.  It’s Super easy, email us your best tailgaiting recipe to, then listen every morning at 7am this week and see if we picked yours.  Yesterday we hit the pizza, today, uhhhh….another kind of pizza  Seriously, this is impressive. 

The Candy Bar Pizza compliments of Kelly King.

Here is today’s recipe:

1 Roll Cookie Dough
1 Cup Peanut Butter (creamy)
1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips
Candy Bars, cut in small pieces, whatever you like but I use:
2 small bags of M & M’s (you don’t have to cut these, that’s probably obvious, but I don’t know my who my audience is. Pick out the brown ones they won’t show up on the crust so you might as well eat them while your at it)
1 Snickers Bar
2 Packs Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
1 White Chocolate Chocolate Orea Cookie Candy Bar
Spread dough in pizza pan, you’ll have to use your fingers so wash them first!
Cook 10 to 12 minutes at 350 degrees or until light brown, cool for 15 minutes.
Melt Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter then spread over crust, leave about a 1/2  inch around the edges empty.
Sprinkle the candy on top of the “sauce”
Make sure you cool completely, then cut with a pizza cutter. I cut in 16 pieces, you can always eat two.
What’s not to like? Chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter and candy bars, if you don’t love it you have issues!

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