Thursday Man vs. Food Tailgaiting Recipe

Everyday this week (it being Super Bowl week) we are giving away a $100 check card for your best tailgaiting recipe, compliments of Man v. Food on Travel Channel (Adam Richman is my hero!).  It’s Super easy, email us your best tailgaiting recipe to, then listen every day at 7am this week and see if we picked yours.  So far we’ve hit up appetizers, regular pizza a candy bar pizza.  Today, let’s throw things on a stick!

Hawaiian Jerk Shish Kababs compliments of Jennifer Ehlert.

Here is today’s recipe:

Hawaiian Jerk Shish Kabobs


What you’re going to need:

(1) Pork Tenderloin

(1) FRESH pineapple

(3-4) Red Bell Peppers

(1) Bottle of Jerk Marinade

(1) Package of wooden skewers


Step 1: Soak skewers in water

Step 2: Cut Pork Tenderloin up in to chunks

Step 3: Marinate pork tenderloin in jerk seasoning (let sit for at least a half-hour)

Step 4: Chop peppers and pineapple into chunks

Step 5: Put a couple of each onto the skewers

Step 6: Grill until the meat is cooked

Step 7: Enjoy the Hawaiian goodness!

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