MGMT release the most bizarre single ever

Click to hear the new MGMT single “Flash Delirium.” We included the version that has the completely incomprehensible lyrics. This is probably the most fascinating single release I’ve seen in years. I’m guessing they think this is their “Radiohead” moment. Would you agree?

  1. no i wouldn’t agree. this is not even close to a radiohead moment. and i can pretty much guarantee you the idea of a “radiohead moment” wasn’t crossing their minds. much closer to animal collective and yeasayer. this is far from the most bizarre single ever,

    Its not a single.

  2. Technically it’s not a single, the band said themselves that were not releasing any singles on the album because they wanted people to look at it as a whole. I personally do not think its the most fascinating single in years but that is all based on opinion. I would love to hear it on the radio, just because staying on the mainstream gets old after a while, I do wish there was a better mix of real Indie artists and artists that are not usually played in your playlist.

    • Dave The Shave
    • March 11th, 2010

    Play it.

    • Jacent Jackson
    • March 11th, 2010

    It’s a single fellas. Serviced by Columbia with an edit. Yeah, I know, I read nme too and it’s good press but yes they do still release singles to radio.

    What I meant was this: MGMT found some success creating accessible electro pop at radio…specifically radio stations like ours.

    When bands find some success like this, they either run to it or from it. Radiohead was simply an example of running from past success and working to forge new ground.

    Why I find this type of thing fascinating (and yes, I wrote the original post) is that bands who run from past success either create something altogether daring and new or something approaching unlistenable and self destruct. They either become Radiohead or At The Drive In.

    Bands that run to their past success can be just as hit or miss and can at times sound like they are a cover band covering themselves. No guaratee that they can rewrite past hits in a slightly different way. Think Red Hot Chili Peppers or Spin Doctors.

    I used to think this type of stuff was just poseur nonsense…but now I’m curious. What is MGMT anyway? This sounds strikes me as something Adult Swim would do if they were doing a parody of an indie rock band…or some kind of Andy Kaufmann-like joke. Or maybe MGMT was actually MDMA when they recorded it.

    However, upon repeated listens, it’s pretty infectious.


    • no seriously.
      its not a single.

      word for word MGMT quote AFTER they put out the song:

      “It’s not a single, but we thought it was a good way to entice people to listen to the whole record.”

      “Its not a single” is key to understanding its not a single. i hope that helps.

    • Heyy jacent, the whole album leaked and MGMT put it up on their website in case you’re interested =)

  3. Thanks for clarifying, I thought they just released the song to tease people about the upcoming album. If it is a real radio single, it is pretty crazy. Mainly because of the many changes within the song.

    As for running with it, I’m not sure if they do care about their popularity as much as just trying to be as ambitious as possible and try things that haven’t been done before. That’s one of the reasons I believe their popularity exploded on Oracular Spectacular; because wanted something different…but not insanely different. Now I think they are trying to continue what they had started but exceed that.

    I also think that with this kind of music it’s harder (than rock or pop) to do the same thing with the same effect as the previous time, so bands try to stay ahead of the curve by getting even “crazier” you could say.

    If you’re really starting to get into this kind of music, I would suggest listening to a band called “Yeasayer” and their album “Odd Blood” then slowly go into more experimental artists such as Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective.

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