WYMS: Radio Milwaukee Fundraiser

We’re a commercial radio station. It serves a simple but novel purpose. Our operating costs are covered by advertisers and the benefit is you get completely free radio.  When you’re right of 92 on the dial, you lead a pretty charmed life. Play some Linkin Park, run some ads, and call it a (hopefully) profitable day.

Left of 92 is a slightly different story. The college and non-commercial spectrum face monetary challeges to provide their programming. What isn’t covered by underwriting is left to listener contributions. Those listener contributions LITERALLY provide funding for the stations’ programming and staff, and of course strengthen the bond between station and community.  One needs to look no further than WMSE to see a thriving relationship  with Milwaukee. A little over a year ago, we took to the airwaves and blog to raise awareness for WMSE, if for no other reason than everyone at FM102/1 has come from College/Non-Com radio, and can appreciate the need for these institutions in our city.

WYMS is currently celebrating it’s third anniversary. This extension of MPS has provided another unique outlet for music and the arts in Milwaukee. Launched in 2007, Radio Milwaukee has offered “Diverse Music for a Diverse City” at 88.9 on your FM dial. We consider it another thriving part of a new and vibrant Milwaukee scene.   One where several radio stations play and present bands like Passion Pit, New Pornographers, Dinosaur Jr,  Built to Spill and more.  It also goes beyond music, with produced pieces on Milwaukee’s neighborhoods and artists. Quite simply, it strives to be a part of the city’s fabric.

Radio Milwaukee’s diverse music extends beyond several different genres, and they have a legitimate commitment to local artists. We hope that if you listen to us, and sample stations like WYMS, WMSE, and WUWM, you’ll take this opportunity to make a donation to WYMS during their fundraiser.  Your support would be appreciated.  We think the more outlets for new music, the better.

There are a bunch of nice things you can receive if you donate at certain levels, and the goods are nicer than the Nova tote bag I got when I gave $100 to PBS.

Radio Milwaukee

Radio Milwaukee: Blog

Call 414-934-GIVE.

I’m not joking. That T-shirt is pretty sweet.

Finally, if you like what we’re doing, great! Perhaps buy something from one of classy advertisers, would ya?  Like a lap dance from Silk.


The author of this post can be contacted at kallao (at) milwaukeeradio.com

  1. Thank you for your very kind words. Would love to meet you Kallao and buy you a drink.

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