The Heavy in Studio

Wow! These guys were amazing.


Verge 2 Day Passes

I don’t know how much better these deals can get.  We’re offering you 2-day VERGE passes for $40!

They’re already $40?  What?  You sure??

Okay, fine.  We’ll throw in two printable Summerfest tickets.

You want MORE?  Jeez.  You’re needy, aren’t  you…

Okay, fine.  How about a printable voucher for a $10 Summerfest gift card valid at participating food and beverage vendors at both Verge AND Summerfest?  Does that tickle your fancy?  I sure hope so because I really like you and want you to be happy.

a whale of a deal!

1,021 tickets will go on sale Wednesday, May 26th through Thursday, May 27th, while until supplies last, and at a time TBD.  Click here to purchase your tickets and enter the secret password (fm1021).

EAS: You Pick The Artists!

Maybe you’re an avid collector of the Emerging Artist Series comps put out by Summerfest and US Cellular. Maybe you’re not.  Maybe you should be, because now you can help compile it!

Mosey on over to SonicBids and cast your vote for the songs you want to hear on this year’s comp. It’s easy and takes about 2.58 seconds to do it. Unless you have ADD like me. In which case, it takes much longer… Voting ends 5/21 at 10:59pm CST. Let’s hold hands and do it together.

New Muse Video

Continuing with the Twilight Saga soundtracks is Muse with their song “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”.  You can view the video on MTV or VH1.

Unicorns, puppies, and lollipops.

Is your mom still looking over your shoulder? No? Good. Actually, we meant, blood, fire, and death.   Here’s the latest video from How to Destroy Angels, a new project from Trent Reznor and wife Mariqueen Manndig. Enjoy. Well,  in a creepy way.   EP is coming out this summer.

Verge set times announced

Set times announced today!  We’re counting down the days.  Are you?  Check out the lineup here.


The Offspring set to headline Harley-Davidson Roadhouse at Summerfest

And we ain't talkin' 'bout yer babies.

Here’s the latest line-up:

June 24 – Kool and the Gang

June 25 – Jeff Beck

June 26 – The Lost Trailers (8p), Phil Vassar (10p)

June 27 – TBA

June 28 – Pitbull

June 29 – Guster

June 30 – Puddle of Mudd

July 1 – The Offspring

July 2 – Scorpions

July 3 – Counting Crows

July 4 – Tito Nieves